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Vedic Math Essentials: Course Details

The following are the details of the course that will be covered in Module One of Vedic Math Essentials Course!

  • Importance of Vedic Maths

  • Introduction of Vedic Maths Basic Sutras

  • 9’s , 10’s circle concept

  • Doubling & Halving

  • Digit Sum concept

  • Complements concept and how to use

  • All from 9 and Last from 10 concept

  • Art of Rapid Addition in a simple way

  • Rapid subtraction without borrowing

  • Mental Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication concept 

  • Multiplication  special methods for 5’s, 11’s, etc

  • VINCULUM concept and usage

  • Ekadhikena Sutra  

  • Nikhilam Sutra  

  • Ekayuena Purvena Sutra

  • Basic of Urdhva Trikona Sutra  

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